Two of my favorite things in this world are good music and good beer. Somehow they've always gone hand-in-hand with me, so I thought I'd spend a little bit of time explaining what I like in both. The making of each to me is an art form and both are necessary to a good outlook on life and general happiness. They both seem better while you're sharing them with others, and each enhances the other.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Faces - Redefining sloppy, in a good way

In an earlier post I wrote a little about the effects that beer or other forms of alcohol can have on a band and the music the band plays. A little can help and a little more can go a long way. One band that always sounded to me at least to be on the edge of drinking too much was Faces. I'm not certain if they really did have a few before performing or not, but it sure sounded that way to my ears. The Faces were always kind of a guilty pleasure to me. A lot of my friends didn't seem to care for them at all, and I didn't care that much for their singer Rod Stewart, but he sure fit that band well.

I see that Faces just got back together, sans Stewart. Mick Hucknall, formerly of Simply Red took over on vocals and filled in just fine. The review in the Evening Standard says they messed up the lyrics and screwed up the ends of songs but they sounded great.

Just like they did it in their good old days.

The Faces featuring a youthful Ron Wood and a plaid-to-be-alive Rod Stewart

Here's a Faces show from the BBC back in 1971. Enjoy.

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