Two of my favorite things in this world are good music and good beer. Somehow they've always gone hand-in-hand with me, so I thought I'd spend a little bit of time explaining what I like in both. The making of each to me is an art form and both are necessary to a good outlook on life and general happiness. They both seem better while you're sharing them with others, and each enhances the other.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bonnie Raitt and friends - 38 years ago today

On October 17th of 1972, Bonnie Raitt came to Ultrasonic Studios in Hempstead, NY to perform before a small crowd and the microphones of  FM station WLIR. She brought along Freebo, who usually played bass and sometimes tuba with her. She also brought along Lowell George from Little Feat and John Hammond.

This was recorded before Bonnie developed that whisky quality to her voice that was the result of years of singing, drinking and smoking. She was hitting all the right notes that night and she was musically savvy enough even in those days to keep up with the heavy hitters who were sitting in with her. She grew up knowing music - her father, John Raitt, was a major Broadway musical star and her mother was a pianist. I'm sure she learned a lot about music from them both.

Bonnie admits to being pretty stoned during this show and it probably helped to contribute to the atmosphere and conversation you can hear on the recording. They sadly don't do radio like this anymore.

Listen to it stream or click on the "Divshare" logo and it will open in a new window and allow you to download it.

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